Pedigree and commercial sheep classes take place throughout the two days of the show. Visitors can walk among the sheep pens and see a huge variety of native and continental (European) breeds of sheep.

One of the Show's charitable objectives is to encourage the future of farming, which is why we host a range of young handler and Young Farmers classes. This gives a chance for the next generation of shepherds and farmers to hone their skills before moving up to the main competitions.

Sheep entries have doubled over the last three years due to the introduction of specific breed and type classes.  The sheep section has been reorganised so that exhibits are together with similar breeds and types rather than in mixed pens. 

The Edenbridge & Oxted Show are immensely proud of our reputation for being one of the most friendly and well-organised sheep shows in the South East.

Clarification of the new rule regarding colouring of sheep, applicable to all exhibits:

Sheep with dry coloured wool (i.e. coloured for previous shows) will be allowed entry. However, sheep with fresh wet colour will not be judged

 Schedules are due for release soon, so get those halters on and start preparing for the Show of the year!